Vision in your VM stopping

If you have your own EBS R12 Single Instance of a Vision system running as a VM in VirtualBox it might happen that you are confronted with the situation that things "suddenly" stop working. In my case this was due to a factory reset of my router which leaded to a new IP address of my instance. First sign of this was that the DB startup gives a few warnings but still actually says it started up fine. Then starting the application services using will fail giving an "instance not started" or "database user password invalid" error.

To fix this you simply just need to run one single file. It took me a while to find so it might help you speed your recovery from this situation.

Shutdown your DB process.

Run the script : /u01/install/scripts/

Start the DB process: /u01/install/VISION/scripts/

Start the application services: /u01/install/VISION/scripts/

And away you go !

Fri, 11 January